Push The Boundary can confirm a response has been received in relation to the letter we sent to Oldham Athletic on 6th November.

We thank the club for their swift response. The club has requested PTB meet with the Financial Director Shahed Alam and the Managing Director Natalie Atkinson. We were asked not to share any information about this meeting prior to the date it would take place, otherwise the meeting could be cancelled. We found this request unacceptable and our right to make this meeting public knowledge was non-negotiable. We have responded to the club advising them as such.

We have also responded by requesting that if a meeting is to go ahead that the owner, Abdallah Lemsagam is present, to ensure we have direct dialogue with the person making the decisions on behalf of the Football Club.

This Morning we have received further correspondence in relation to our request of meeting Abdallah Lemsagam and have been informed that this request has been rejected. The club confirmed that the owners and board members would only be available for any fans forums due to take place, to date, nothing has been proposed. Therefore we do not feel meeting with the Managing Director and Financial Director is beneficial at this crucial time.

To clarify any meeting would not have affected the planned protest organised to take place prior to our league meeting with the Leyton Orient game on the 7th December.

Whilst PTB are naturally disappointed the club has taken this stance, on current form it is not unexpected and as per our original letter, a response was not pivotal to our future plans.

We will push on in an attempt to #ReclaimTheFaith, the protest is the next major step in the development and progression of reclaiming the faith for the supporters of Oldham Athletic Football Club. We hope you will be with us for the journey.