During this current climate, Push The Boundary understands and acknowledges the difficulties football clubs, especially ours, are facing and the challenges we are likely to face in the coming days, weeks and months.

Following a number of queries regarding a wide range of concerns that supporters have aired via various platforms, we decided to check in with the club to try and obtain updates on behalf of supporters. Following a response from both Natalie Atkinson (Managing Director) and Richard Bowden (Fans Representative Board Member), they both suggested a meeting via “Zoom” as a good way to communicate rather than via email.

Yesterday evening, Push The Boundary emailed Natalie and Richard to advise them that we would like to accept the offer of a virtual meeting and we are keen for this to become a regular method of communication, in order for supporters to be kept up to date with any developments given the period of uncertainty that surrounds both Oldham Athletic and football in general.

We will, as ever, be completely transparent and relay any information back to supporters in a timely fashion.

PTB hopes that a response will be received with dates that will suit all parties involved. We will keep you informed.

Danny, Adam, Ste and Will