Good Morning Latics Supporters,

Firstly, we hope that this updates finds people in good health during this uncertain and difficult time.

We write to you all following the positive result in the Carabao Cup last weekend and how we should be looking to build on that with our opening league game against Leyton Orient. Instead this has been interrupted by further news of a senior member of staff seemingly being ousted from their role within the club. This time in the form of Managing Director Natalie Atkinson who endured a 15 month stay with the club.

Whilst the relationship between PTB and Ms Atkinson was not always plain sailing, we are certain that she understood why we took the approach we have, as far as trying to represent supporters and obtain answers to pertinent questions. Difficult conversations needed to be had and for reasons that are becoming clearer by the day.

While we didn’t always see eye to eye over her approach, we do thank her for her efforts, especially during the pandemic, when it became clear that she was running the club day to day while the chairman and his brother were out of the country. We understand business is business and we are in an environment where results are key, however the timing and circumstances around her departure (and subsequent replacement) once again have left us questioning whether the club have acted in a wholly appropriate manner. We obviously wish Natalie the best for wherever the future takes her.

Moving on, we welcome the new Chief Executive Officer (‘’CEO’’) Karl Evans to the club and acknowledge the experience he has held in previous roles within football. This is experience that he will require given the incredibly challenging role ahead of him. We acknowledge his recent involvement with Bury Football Club but we approach this appointment with a fresh pair of eyes and can only see this as an opportunity to try and once again develop and maintain meaningful dialogue with the club.

As a result, we have already contacted Mr Evans and requested a meeting with PTB at the next available opportunity. We are happy to announce that this request has been accepted by Mr Evans and we are in the process of finalising a date/time. This way, we can introduce ourselves, establish our aims as a group and address the expectations of our long suffering fanbase. This is following his opening statement including the line “I will always take into account the fans opinions as well as being open and honest”. This is as well as hearing the vision that Mr Evans has to take the club forward in our 125th year. Openness and honesty are key for supporters as the revolving door at Boundary Park continues to turn and as we strive for some semblance of stability yet again.

We will keep you informed of our progress on this matter. We are glad this request has been received positively and, once the opportunity arises, would certainly look to put as many of your questions to him as we can and we will give you every opportunity to do so.

Thank you as always for your patience and support and hope that Harry Kewell and the players get off to a good start in League Two on Saturday.

Reclaim The Faith