PTB – Club Q&A

We were advised on Thursday 2nd January that a space has become available at the Club Q&A that takes place on Tuesday 7th January 2020. After some deliberation as a group, we have decided to accept this space but wish to put the following on record beforehand:

– We debated whether to attend given that we may get 1/2 questions answered at best but with Mr Lemsagam present we felt we had to be in attendance even if this is the case, to ensure the supporters of PTB are represented.

– This is not the format we wanted in order to address the concerns of over 750 fans who have signed up to our website.

– We stated from the outset that we had no issues whatsoever with other events/meetings taking place and this is still the case, but we feel a round the table discussion with the owner about the direction of the football club will be much more beneficial to all parties than an event of this nature.

– We wish to attend and have the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of the fans who aren’t there. So please send these through in the usual fashion to before 3pm on Tuesday 7th and we will do what we can.

– While it is not our agenda to set, we would expect that the club answer a good number of questions open and honestly as they must be aware, as we are, of the importance of this event for the reputation of the football club and the relationship with a significant number of the fanbase.

– We would expect minutes to be taken and for these to be published alongside action points / deadlines and action owners so that the club can be measured against something tangible.

We shall be taking notes at this meeting and will report back fully to fans as soon as possible.