PTB Statement – Proposed Meeting with Abdallah

Over the last few days a number of conversations have taken place with Natalie Atkinson, the club MD, regarding a meeting with the Chairman. This was the result of her BBC interview with Richard Askam on 07.12.2019, where it was confirmed that the Chairman would be willing to meet with “fans or groups of fans” who are currently disgruntled.

We instigated this contact with an email on Wednesday (17.12.2019) to follow up our original request (as per our statement dated 11.12.2019 – this statement can be found on our website).

Natalie responded yesterday evening (via email) to confirm that the wheels are in motion with regards to this meeting and this is being encouraged within the football club. We are fully aware as a group that we must keep the pressure on the club and the people responsible for getting this meeting happen but can assure you all that plans for EVERY eventuality are already in place should this meeting go ahead, or otherwise.

There has been a number of disappointing events that have taken place in the last week, firstly with the club having to cancel the supporters coach to Swindon after only 5 people were confirmed to have booked. The one thing that can never be questioned is the passion and support for this club through a number of tumultuous years and we, as fans, have proved time and time again that our support up there with the very best in the country but we acknowledge fans tolerance is clearly being tested in these difficult times. We feel this situation was handled incredibly poorly as the priority for the football club should be the match day experience for the fans, loyal, committed fans, as they are the lifeblood of the club and should be treated with the upmost respect at all times.

This was followed up with the alarming events of yesterday (and subsequently this morning), with the situation regarding the Oldham Event Centre (OEC) and the apparent exclusion of fans who do not have a ticket for the game by the football club. This situation appears to be ongoing but as a group, we will continue to monitor how this situation develops very, very closely. What we do know is that the matchday experience is compromised. We feel this is unacceptable and needs rectifying in a professional manner in the shortest timeframe available, in order for supporters to enjoy matchdays either in the O2 or OEC without disruption of any kind.

Both of the above, regardless of the reasoning behind both situations, are prime examples of fans not being at the heart of the decision making process by the regime in charge of the football club. Yet again, it is the fans who are suffering. This needs to change.

These events only serve to create further division between the club and its loyal fanbase and therefore makes a meeting with the Chairman critical. We are incredibly keen for this to happen to engage with Abdallah and will push for this both on our and your behalf. We can confirm that we have imposed a strict deadline of 5pm on Monday 23rd December 2019 for the club to respond, in writing, that a face to face meeting will take place between Push The Boundary and the Chairman (plus any proposed Board members or club officials). They have also been made aware that as soon as this happens, we shall be releasing this information to the wider fanbase.

If we do not receive this by our proposed deadline, the club have been made fully aware of the repercussions and the resultant action that will take place. Action that will be made clear to all should this eventuality arise.

We will keep you posted of any developments with this. Have a great weekend and as always, all comments and feedback are welcome. Your feedback allows us to fully represent you in the best way possible.