With Carlisle next up away from home we have contacted them for an update as to whether banners/ AL out T Shirts and Flags would be accepted in the ground. We have received the following information.

“After consideration of this request we are happy for you to wear shirts and to display your flags within our stadium. Flags and all Banners will have to be displayed in our Waterworks End as per our flags policy. We still reserve the right to prevent any being displayed which show derogatory/abusive comments. (We have advised Carlisle of what the message is and they agree this is not offensive and will advise their stewards). We request that all your activities are conducted within the ground, we will not allow any protests on the outside of the stadium in order to prevent any disorder. The police are attending this game so keeping everything within the stadium ensures you are able to express your message safely.
In return for this concession on our part, we would ask that, in return, fans behave in a sensible fashion and do not get involved in any anti social behaviours whilst at Brunton Park. We want you to enjoy your time at our ground and be able to make a peaceful protest, but we ask that you treat our stewards and employees with respect.”
Should fans have any concerns over treatment or issues displaying flags or banners make yourself know to Carlisles security Supervisors (in the orange jackets) when you arrive at the ground. 

As we have said before we would encourage Latics supporters to conduct themselves in a passionate but law-abiding manner whilst sending out the message loud and clear to our custodians that their time is up. We want to keep other clubs support so please ensure we are respectful of the goodwill. Fans have stood up at a critical time. We will look back on this one day and it will be a defining moment in our clubs history.