The survey has closed and the charity with the most votes was Dr Kershaws so they shall be the recipient of any monies donated by home and away fans as part of our proposed boycott. We will also use Dr Kershaws for the remainder of the season as our chosen charity and a variety of fundraising events will be announced in due course. More information can be found here as to their cause Thanks to all who took part and voted for the charity that means the most to you.

We are aware that the act of boycotting food, drink and programmes within Boundary Park is a very emotive subject and as a group, this is not a decision we have taken lightly. We have reached out to the companies involved, the ones we are aware of, in order for them to make adequate provisions for these events. We have weighed up all the pros and cons before coming to this decision. Above all this, we accept people’s right to choose and would never ask anyone to do anything that they aren’t comfortable with. However, for any money that is donated, it’s going to a very worthy cause that will bring comfort to a lot of people. Donations can be made via the link below;

Last week, we were advised by the club that a face to face meeting with Abdallah would be strongly encouraged (despite the club not knowing when he would be back in the country) in order to discuss the worrying survey results and our wider concerns around the football club. We set a fair deadline (which we extended after a telephone call subsequent request from the club) and we were sorely disappointed when this extended deadline was not responded to at all. We felt this lacked a common courtesy based on the understanding of previous conversations that had taken place. On the same day as the deadline, a Q&A with fans was announced with Abdallah present, where representatives from ‘fans groups’ were limited to 1 space. Again, this was incredibly disappointing and we felt it was a disregard of the respect we had shown to the club that they used this extended period of time to propose this course of action. The club were made aware from the outset that if the deadline was not met either positively or negatively, we would have no choice but to escalate matters. This action could have been avoided easily by the club all for the commitment of a meeting.

We requested a seat at the Q&A but have been advised that the event was full and have been placed on the standby list. We shall keep you posted of our progress.

We acknowledge that results on the football pitch have improved and we hope this continues in today’s game against Salford, but this has never been our issue or focus as a group. 4% of fans had an ‘issue’ with Dino and from the 4 of us, we certainly don’t have any reason to question his performance. The club needs continuity and hopefully Dino can be the man to provide that.

Our survey highlighted that the main issues were with the Chairman, the Sporting Director and the Board and from day 1 our aim has been to address this face to face as representatives of over 750 fans who have signed up to our website. This continues to be our aim and our lines of communication are open as they always have been.

From our actions so far, we feel that we have been successful in getting the club to be more conscious about their engagement and decision making, although this is still far from where we want it to be and therefore, we will continue to monitor decisions and ensure they are in the best interest of the fans and the football club. We have stuck our heads above the parapet because we wanted to enforce change but we know that our aims are the correct ones and our intentions for the club are nothing but good and we feel that the vast majority of fans can see that.

We appreciate the words of support and can assure you we have also taken all constructive criticism on board.

Thanks for reading