On Saturday, our 115 year stay in the football league came to an incredibly sad end. Despite how turbulent the season was, and the glimmer of hope that John Sheridan gave us, there was an air of inevitability following years of mismanagement by Abdallah Lemsagam and the current/previous board of directors.

These people sit in the shadows, they do not take responsibility, they do not attend games in public view and they continue to make decisions that have left the reputation of our football in the gutter. They do not care about us. This proud football is nothing but a toy, that they have seen fit to ruin over a period of 4 years.

The only people who truly suffer in all of this is the passionate, loyal fanbase that have followed, supported and sadly had to endure everything that has been thrown at them under our current regime.

Following Saturday’s sad events, and the fact that the game holds no significance, as a symbolic gesture we want to make Tranmere on Saturday a blackout. We’d like supporters to wear black clothing to mourn the death of our once proud, EFL status. Kit yourself out in black jumpers, t-shirts, polo shirts, black Latics kits, black trainers, a black suit if you are wanting to go to the extreme, whatever you see fit to raise attention to our current situation. We have spoken to the Athleticos who are in agreement with this approach and they will support it on the day, we thank them for that.

We’d encourage you to spread the word all around the fanbase and try to make this is symbolic as possible. Alongside this, we obviously encourage you to make your voices heard about the current regime and to show them that the only viable solution from here, is to sell the club and move on. To show them they are not wanted and that for them to consider any u-turn over the sale of the club will only be met with more opposition and more pressure from the fanbase.

Supporters, with the help of both supporter groups, will continue to mobilise and build its own future. One that the Lemsagams were never capable of providing.

Reclaim The Faith