In light of the recent club announcements regarding the ticketing situation we felt it appropriate to speak up and speak out.

The recent pitch invasions and corresponding action that has been taken by fans is something that we don’t and would never condone. That being said, fans do not take this action without the feeling that there is no alternative, especially when they see their football club being decimated in front of their very eyes. At this stage, the issues at home matches is a separate issue.

Onto away matches, it is worth pointing out the behaviour of supporters away from Boundary Park this season has been nothing short of exemplary. You have supported the team at Bradford, Bristol Rovers & Sutton and sang your hearts out when performances on the pitch did not match our expectations. This is what symbolises who we are as fans.

We feel this is yet another attempt by the custodian of our club to divide the fan base and to deflect attention away from the issues that are ongoing at the club under this ownership. The frustration that has been shown in recent times is a combination of numerous issues and is not solely born out of results on the pitch, as recently indicated. We implore fans to remain calm in light of this recent ticketing news, to stick together and keep our focus on the end goal of doing what is best all the while remembering that the right way, has right of way.

As we saw with the North Stand situation that commenced 18 months ago fans are once again being used as collateral damage in an effort to silence dissenting voices and we feel this is wholly unacceptable. We have seen similar tactics employed elsewhere and they bear all the hallmarks of a regime that is fighting a losing battle.

We have contacted the Health and Safety officer at Leyton Orient and advised that we would want the POTD option to be retained as there are many supporters who have already booked transport for the game, and there are a number of non-northern based fans (OASIS etc) that simply won’t have the time to get tickets from the ticket office beforehand. We have stressed once more that our behaviour both towards each other and Orient fans would be respectful and there have been no such murmurings of any form of physical protest for Saturdays game. We remain hopeful that this will be an option for us all.

We retain dialogue with Leyton Orient and will keep you updated.

Reclaim The Faith