After digesting the various events that took place and conducted in public, we are once again left feeling exhausted by the seemingly everlasting instability at our football club.


Following weeks of rumoured unrest amongst a number of sponsors, we are not surprised to see that these sponsors (and first and foremost, fans) feel that they are left with no choice but to remove financial support for the football club. Having heard a number of rumours as to the circumstances, the fact they feel that the need to walk away from the club, all feels far too familiar and symptomatic of the previous 3 years ownership. Something we have raised from the start of PTB.

Barry Owen:

Although, we are not aware of the facts as to why Barry Owen has left/been removed as a director of the football club, it has been of no secret that the board of directors has been a massive sense of frustration for Latics fans and there is a strong argument that changes were needed in order for us to even contemplate moving forward. There was consternation that Barry retained his seat on the board of directors when the new regime took control of the club from Simon Corney back in January 2018. Before and during Barry’s time as a director of the club, the club has suffered unparalleled reputational damage over such a sustained period of time. There were off-the-field matters including the Lee Hughes/Ched Evans saga and various comments which left us as supporters feeling confused and disillusioned. Decisions made at board level that leave Oldham Athletic in the position we find ourselves today. This combined with his apparent involvement with the closure of the North Stand (still to be fully resolved). During this period, fans have steadily walked away from the club while it suffers a steady decline.

Therefore, Barry Owen leaving the board of directors, we feel has been a long time coming and is even possibly overdue.


Stepping back into the context of yesterday, we do not know the chain of events that led to Barry leaving, so it remains incredibly tough to provide an update to the contrary. That said, we will try and find out the information and will update fans once received.

The bigger picture in place here still leaves the club looking in a perilous state. We still occupy an underwhelming league position, yet more sponsors have walked away from the football club and the North Stand saga continues with little/no development on getting the stand open and fully functional.

Yesterdays events only act as a reminder that we need to unite as a fanbase and rest assured we are doing everything we can to bring the club to task as well as represent many supporters’ thoughts and feelings. If you do have any queries please let us know and we will do our best to respond in good time.

Reclaim The Faith