Having witnessed yet another season where we are competing at the wrong end of the table and have suffered more off the field controversy, we feel a line must be drawn and we must look to the future.

As a group, we feel we have given the ownership of this club enough time to engage and to prove to supporters that they have the acumen to move us forward. Sadly, Mr Lemsagam believes that the number of fans who are unhappy are “a minority” and that we must get behind the team. As fans we are fully behind the team and we always will be. We back the team, but not the regime.

We have made our position clear in recent weeks that this can no longer continue. There are no signs of progress on any of the major issues faced by supporters and the gap between the club and fans is wider than ever. This is proved by the lack of people willing to commit to a season ticket for next season. There are people willing to purchase football clubs and we can no longer let this regime take advantage of the apathy felt by supporters.

We have a number of plans over the next few months, and these will become clear in due course, but this must start with a clear and impassioned plea for Mr Lemsagam to put the club up for sale and find a new owner who can take us forward and give the fans some hope back.

If you are in agreement, we are asking you to put your name to this letter so that we can show the ownership the strength of feeling amongst fans that we have had enough. Whether you support the work of Push The Boundary or not, we ask you to think about the future of our club and what is best for it. This goes beyond any allegiance to a particular faction of the fanbase as we must come together and Reclaim The Faith.

You can read our letter to Mr Lemsagam here and add your signature here. We will be sending the letter on Tuesday 1st June 2021, we hope to have as many signatures as possible. Foundation Oldham (OASF) and local/national press have also been made aware of our intentions. Let us be clear that this is not all we will be doing, this letter will be the start of a series of action that we will arrange while the current regime remain in charge of our club. Other teams have taken a stance like this and have prospered, Leyton Orient, Stockport County, Charlton & Blackpool to name but a few.

We want you to back this action and be a part of a new chapter in our clubs history, a chapter that we can be proud of. It is the time for action.

Reclaim The Faith