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‘Push the Boundary’ (PTB) was set up by a group of 4 Latics fans who came together to create a vision with a common cause at the heart of what we do. We wanted to communicate the concerns and dissatisfaction with the current owner regarding the handling of our football club, whilst raising awareness of its precarious state. Fans of this club have, for far too long, been ignored and treated with contempt by the custodians of the club.

We seek to create and maintain dialogue with both members and non-members of PTB, to hear individual voices/opinions and create a unified response so that as a fan base we can encourage positive change. We are driven by our individual and collective passion for the club and an aspiration to restore faith and pride so that we can be unified as a fanbase and to create an environment where we can prosper as a club both on and off the pitch.

We are an independent fans group, registered with the FSA (Football Supporters Association) and are not connected to the club, the Trust, the FLG or any other interest group. We are free to express the views of the fans we represent by asking the difficult questions and putting the club (and its fans) future first. We strive to affect change but in a peaceful and professional manner. We seek the views of all supporters, to ensure our views are heard and acted upon. As a fan base we are so much stronger, louder and more effective if we act as one.

Our club, the town of Oldham and the wider footballing world needed to know the strength of our feelings and current dissatisfaction levels amongst its loyal supporters, this is our audience and this is what we did. As a fans group we aim to shine a spotlight on our club and in doing so encourage positive change within the club, be it under our current ownership or another.

We do not proclaim to represent the views of all Oldham Athletic supporters. We recognise that different opinions exist across the fan base and we fully respect those views. We do, however, believe that our concerns & questions are shared by a large number of supporters. Our movement can only be effective if backed by fans. This gives us more leverage.

We launched on 31st October 2019 and since then we have had over 1,000 people pledge their support to our cause. In just over 1 year this is a fantastic achievement and we would love to increase this number even further and make our voice even louder.

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