‘Push the Boundary’ is a group of Latics fans who have come together with a common cause. We exist to communicate our dissatisfaction with and raise awareness of the precarious state of our football club and the manner in which it is being run by the current regime. We seek to use our collective powers as a fan base to encourage change. We are driven by our aspiration to restore faith and pride in our once great football club.

We are an independent fans group, registered with the FSA (Football Supporters Association) and are not connected to the club, the Trust, the FLG or any other interest group. We are free to express our views as we see fit and to take whatever steps we choose to affect change, in a peaceful and professional manner.

We aim to bring dissenting voices together and to ensure our views are heard and acted upon. As a fan base we are so much stronger, louder and more effective if we act as one.

We want everyone involved in football to continue to campaign for equality and challenge discrimination, while playing a part in shaping a fair and inclusive future for everyone who loves the game. Racism and/ or any other abuse has no place in football or society.

Our club, the town of Oldham and the wider footballing world need to know the strength of our feelings and dissatisfaction, this is our audience. We aim to shine a spotlight on our plight and in doing so encourage change within the club, be it under our current ownership or another.

We do not proclaim to represent the views of all Oldham Athletic supporters. We recognise that different opinions exist across the fan base and we fully respect those views. We do, however, believe that our concerns are shared by a large number of supporters.

Our movement can only be effective if backed by fans. This gives us more leverage.

On 6th November 2019 we sent a letter to the club that outlines our position and intended actions. We have written this as four fans but we wanted to give everyone who felt the same as we do, the opportunity to add their name to this letter, of which 596 supporters did just that. We would love to be able to tell the club that our letter and future actions represent the position of many hundreds.

Join our campaign…